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Our rates are based on the size of space required as follows: 

20ft- $48    25ft- $55    30ft- $63    35ft- $75    40ft- $80    45ft- $95    50ft- $105  

55ft- $115 

Drive-thru spaces are on a first come basis.  No extra charge for the drive thru. We have only a couple of the spaces over 40 feet.  Call for availability.

Our storage  rates are for a minimum of one month.  We invoice four times a year for each calendar quarter. If you pay for eleven months in advance we will give you the 12th month free.  This is approximately a 9% return on your money. 

If you need storage for less than three months, we will refund any FULL month unused.  Our minimum storage period is one month.  So if you want only a week, the rate will be the monthly rate for the size required.  The shortest time we have ever stored a unit was 3 days.  That was for a visit from Grandpa. 

We accept only checks or cash.